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Biasca & Associates Inc. will help your company to change- whether it is a gradual and incremental or the wholesale transformation of your business processes, organizational behavior or corporate direction- and retain competitiveness.



R. Biasca is an argentine professor and consultant that, in the last years, has published a set of three books summarizing his approach to business transformation, with numerous examples of Latin American organizations.

Different studies have demonstrated that change efforts results are less than satisfactory. Therefore, a holistic, interdisciplinary and practical three-phase model is proposed. The purpose is to determine the precise transformation that can improve results substantially.

The three phases are:

  • The competitive position assessment
    After analyzing the environment and the firm, the competitive deterioration is estimated to determine how much change is needed and how much time is available to make the change.
  • Improvement proposals
    After an exhaustive study of change approaches, research on the subject and managerial experience a general business transformation “formula” is derived. For each competitive situation the formula is different (and usually different names are used to mention it). The formula is a set of innovation projects with different priorities and impact.
  • Action
    To transform ideas in concrete results at least four aspects need to be considered: the necessary implementation steps, how to modify human and firm behavior, the competitive position and the country where the organization is located.

Most Latin American managers assume that what is true for Americans working in the United States is also true for people from other countries. Sometimes it is not. Cross-cultural management applied to change management concepts is a new field relative to the traditional study of management, and there are not too many examples to show what is being done.


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