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International Business
Services for American Companies doing Business in Latin America

Some Examples:

  • An American company wants to build a plant in Latin America and has to decide its location.
  • An American firm wants to import from Latin America to diversify their supplies and problems arise in the negotiations or logistics.
  • American firms willing to export to Latin America have problems: sometimes they do not choose the right distribution channel, the same products have different demands in different countries, logistics is difficult,etc.

We provide consulting and counseling in:

  • Market research and Marketing Strategy. We investigate Latin American markets for American products or services, and we make recommendations of how to sell in them.
  • Contacts. We can establish contacts between American companies and Latin American companies (to establish distribution agreements, outsourcing alternatives, maquila operations, etc.).
  • Suppliers. We can assist in searching suppliers of products or services.
  • Strategic Alliances. Mergers & Acquisitions.
  • Manufacturing in Latin America. Site selection. Organization design. Personnel development.
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