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Services for Latin American Companies that need help in the US

If you speak with the Top Management of a medium size Latin American company, you will find that, in most cases:

  • They would like to export to the US, but they do not have market data. Are the Americans going to drink fruit juice from exotic Colombian fruits?
  • They do not know how to contact possible distribution channels. A South American wine producer should contact wholesalers or main liquor stores?
  • They do not know how to promote their product or services. Samples, brochures, Internet, or other alternatives.

Some other companies do not want to export to the US, but they need assistance to:

  • To find suppliers. Recently a company contacted us: they buy calendars in China, but the time between the moment they order and the time they receive the calendars is more than a year; consequently, they wanted to explore possible suppliers in Latin America but they did not know how to select them.
  • To get financing. They do not know the variety of alternatives that are available: international organizations with headquarters in the US, traditional banks, venture capital firms, etc.
  • To find buyer (when they want to sell the firm). We have a received a request, some days ago, to help a company that wants to sell copper-silver mines in South America.
  • To find a partner to develop new products. That was the case of a biotech Latin company that could not afford the investment, but has the reputation, the knowledge, the operations capacity to produce and market the products.
  • To find a law firm. Example: A Latin investor bought in the past Argentine governmental bonds and that country has declared “default”. The investor wants to take legal action in the US but does not know what to do.

Some of our services are:

  • Market Research
  • Promotional campaigns
  • Selling Counseling
  • Exports to the US: find clients and define logistics
  • Supply Management: new supply development
  • Financing. Locate possible sources of financing. Negotiation assistance
  • Company selling. Valuating the business, finding possible purchasers
  • Strategic Alliances. Locating partners. Assistance in closing the deal
  • Legal assistance. Finding the right law firms
  • Lobbying. Contacts with federal and local governments and different organizations
  • Personnel development: coaching key personnel for the new strategy
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