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  • International Business Consulting.

    Biasca & Associates continues to be active in consulting projects. Some are projects related to international business (example: Coexito and Exiplast in Colombia), some are turnarond efforts (such as Viñas Argentinas), some are performance improvement projects (examples: Conarco and Fiplasto in Argentina), some are valuation assignments (such as Mabe Argentina, Yasaki, Alkasid, Colgate-Palmolive or General Motors in Argentina). The example of the World Bank project in Honduras is an example of a job done for an international organization. 

    Services related to Valuations/M&A are in; ; services related to M&As are in 


  • Valuation Research Group

    Biasca & Associates is affiliated to the Valuation Research Group. See the new web sites:; 
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    Recent valuations in Argentina were done in  MABEArgentina, Grupo Posadas, Yasaki, Teksid (Alfa Group), Cargill, Pepsico, General Motors and Colgate-Palmolive. The group is growing continuously and the last annual meetings were in Washington,DC;Salvador, Brazil;San Diego,CA;Buenos Aires,Argentina;Miami,Fl;and and Cancun, Mexico (October 2006,2007, 2008, 2009, 2010,2011). One of the subjects that was discussed was the application of International Accounting Standards in several countries. See photo.

  • World Bank

    R.Biasca finished his assignment as a Short Term Consultant for the World Bank. Project : SANAA Reengineering (Honduras).

  • New books and e-books for Latin America

    Editorial Granica published the second edition of the three business transformation books written by R.Biasca. In year 2011, they became available as e-books in the E-Libro collections. Those databases are s usually available in online libraries.

    Editorial Norma published in Colombia the second edition of the book  “Un Nuevo Sistema de Gestión para lograr PYMES de Clase Mundial” (a New Management System to obtain World Class Small Business). The book has three main authors (R.Biasca is one of them) and 14 Latin American authors that have contributed with cases. The book is available as e-book in

    The last books that were published are:
    "Gestión de Cambio: El Modelo Biasca"
    (Organizational Improvement and Change: Biasca's Model) as book and e-book (see details in the publisher's website). This is 700 page textbook. Recently, the Kindle Edition became available in .
    "PYMES más Competitivas" (More Competitive Small Business Enterprises) as an e-book, available in . This is a teaching aid for instructors.

  • E-Libro Corp

    R. Biasca continues to collaborate with E-Libro Corp. He is making contributions to develop new e-services for Ibero American countries and to improve the content of electronic collections in this corporation. See

  • Colorado Performance Excellence Award. 

    Rod Biasca was an Examiner in the Peak Award ( using the Baldridge Award methodology  (

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