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Documentation of internationally recognized prizes or awards of excellence, in the field of endeavor.

In this section, I will:
- Clarify the nature of prizes and the occupation field.
- Indicate which of my prizes should have been taken into consideration.


It seems to be a particular emphasis in the fact that the awards should be for excellence in the field of endeavor, in this case management consulting (specialization field: organizational change and improvement). This affirmation does not take into consideration the real fact that some prizes are given to a particular person because of a set of qualifications the person has and the achievements obtained in his/her activities, without mentioning them. In Argentina, for example, there is no organization dedicated to management consultants, no certification process for management consultants and there are no prizes for excellence in management consulting.


  • When the Japanese Government awarded me a Scholarship in 1989 to attend a “Program for Argentine Entrepreneurs”, I had already begun my consulting activities, but the certificate does not say that it was recognition to my consulting activities.
  • When the Belgrano University (Argentina, 1997) awarded me a prize for my professional achievements it took into consideration my achievements as manager, consultant, professor and author.
  • When I was selected to join the group of the selected members of the Pan American Academy of Engineering, not only my professional achievements were considered but also my integrity as a person.


Instead of listing all the prizes, I am going to mention some of them.

  • International scholarships and fellowships.

Hubert H. Humphrey North-South Fellowship Program.
The program was established in 1978 and it is still active. Created by the US President, it is included in the activities of the Fulbright Program. The Institute of International Education ( runs the administration of the program, which is financed by the US Government. It was established for distinguished middle-career professionals and I was in the first group (1979) and the only Fellow from Argentina. During the program I had different activities, but the main one was to participate in the MBA program at the University of California, Berkeley and to study Economics at the Stanford University.
The final certificate was signed by the President of the US (J. Carter). There are not too many foreigners that can show a diploma of a prestigious US university, signed by a US President.

Japan. Ministry of International Trade (MITI). AOTS (The Association for Overseas Technical Scholarship).
The Japanese Government awards this kind of fellowships after a careful selection process through two organizations: AOTS and JICA. I received this distinction to participate in the “Program for Argentine Entrepreneurs” in Japan, in 1989.

  • International Professional Recognition. The Academies.

Argentine Academy of Engineering. Member of CAETS (International Council of Academies of Engineering and Technological Sciences),
The Argentine Academy of Engineering, as some other academies in the world (like the Chinese Academy or the Italian Academy) are institutions composed by the most distinguished professionals in the country. The Argentine Academy has less than 40 full members, of different engineering specialties. A few other members (known as corresponding members) exist and normally live in other countries. Today, only three members have background in Industrial Engineering and Management. To be elected for that institution is the ultimate award a person can reach in the country. The Government, judges, universities and different organizations take the advice of the Academy as the ultimate word or decision.
Candidates are fully investigated and all aspects of the person and professional achievements are considered.
Please, do not compare this academy to the US Academy because there are some differences, although both organizations are members of CAETS.
I joined this institution in year 2000. See a letter from the President and a photo of the ceremony in this web site. Further information can be found in the English section of the web site

Pan American Academy of Engineering, API ( Created by UPADI ( an association that gathers the engineering societies of America, the Pan American Academy chooses its members from all the countries of America (including the US). I was designated as a Charter Member in 2002.
API is the first professional international institution in the engineering field that gathers individual engineers from different countries (in this case America, including US and Canada), that are chosen by peers through a rigorous selection process. At the present moment, there are 59 (10 from the US, 10 from Brazil, 15 from Mexico, 6 from Argentina and the rest from other countries). I am one of the six Argentine members. The organization has also some special kind of members (called Corresponding Members that play a different role, with fewer obligations). See a letter from the President in this web site.

  • National Recognition

  Belgrano University Award. See English web site in
The Belgrano University is one of the most important universities in Argentina. In 1997, it decided to give three awards for its Faculty. The university had 3,000 full-time and part-time professors. I obtained the Second Prize for my whole professional achievements as manager, consultant, professor, author, educational administrator (I was Vice-Dean in one School at that University) and officer in different professional societies.

    Argentine Council for Industrial Engineers Award, . This organization is an independent institution that belongs to the Argentine Government and was created in 1944. It regulates the industrial engineering profession in legal matters, and is usually consulted by local and federal government. The Council determines what professional is a Certified Industrial Engineer. Industrial engineers that work in certain activities should be certified by this council that has jurisdiction in Buenos Aires and, for certain matters, in the whole country. The institution also awards very few awards to recognize contributions to the IE profession and judges ethical conflicts. It has also secondary activities such as professional conferences. I received the Council Publications Award in 1991, an award dedicated to Argentine Industrial engineers (members or not of the Council, living in any place of Argentina or the world) that had published relevant contributions to the profession.

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