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Comisión Nacional de Evaluación y Acreditación Universitaria
Ministerio de Educación, Ciencia y Tecnología

Judge of Other’s Work

Evidence of R.Biasca’s participation, either individually or on a panel, as a judge of the work of others in his field of specialization.

R. Biasca has been judge of the work of others in CONEAU, CPII, and in several organizations, as professor, educational administrator, consultant and officer of professional societies.


CONEAU is an independent Committee that belongs to the Argentine Ministry of Education, Science and Technology. It has a very complete website ( but is in Spanish language, because information of its activities should be available to general public.

Quality control of universities is a common practice in different countries, since decades. In Argentina, the idea began to be implemented fifteen years ago. Since year 1993, the Ministry of Education began an important effort to control university processes in public and private universities to assure the community that certain minimum quality standards were met. Institutions granting university degrees, should guarantee society that the graduate has the knowledge and practice to perform his/her duties. Consequently, CONEAU was created.

CONEAU is partially funded by international organizations and determines if educational programs in Argentine universities are authorized, both at the undergraduate and graduate level. Thorough evaluations are conducted by experts. With a certain methodology all aspects are considered in each program: curriculum, professors, education management, resources to be used, infrastructure, processes (admission, grading, etc.).

CONEAU has a permanent staff, but to evaluate university programs it calls a selected and small group of judges. Those experts are called “Comité de Pares” (Peers Committee). They are undisputable, renowned experts in the field, which few people would argue with their decisions. Known by their impartiality, integrity, knowledge and experience, their decision will be accepted by everybody (a sort of Supreme Court body). Experts are classified according to their field of expertise (medicine, engineering, etc.) and education experience (undergraduate or graduate level).

In year 2000, R.Biasca was one of the three member-Peers Committee to judge two MBA programs at two Argentine universities. His experience as manager, consultant, author, professor and director of executive education programs qualified him to judge peers and educational organizations. Attached there is an official letter, in English, indicating the designation.


The Argentine Council for Industrial Engineers,, is an independent institution that belongs to the Argentine Government. It regulates the industrial engineering profession in legal matters and determines what professional is a Certified Industrial Engineer. The Council is the ultimate judge for matters related to ethics in the profession and acts as a judge in professional conflicts. It also gives several prizes to professionals in different fields of the IE profession. I have been member for more than 30 years and elected officer in different periods.


  • As Professor
    Since 1967, I have occupied teaching positions in various schools in almost 60 universities and other educational institutions in 20 countries. While teaching and grading, a person becomes a judge of others. As responsible for executive education in my field of specialization, I was responsible for evaluating and improving the work product of graduate students and practitioners, and therefore, I have been judge of others in my field of endeavor.

  • As Educational Administrator
    I have had several assignments as educational administrator. One important example: Belgrano University. Vice-Dean. During the 80’s I was Vice-Dean of the Information Technology School at the Belgrano University. Reporting to the Dean, I was in charge of the Faculty (more than 100 professors), the administrative personnel and students matters. As the manager of professionals, I was continuously judging others.

  • As Consultant
    Being in the change management consulting business, I have constantly to judge other professionals, evaluating their performance and making recommendations (to improve them, to reward them, to correct them or to fire them).

  • As Officer of Professional Societies
    As officer and member of several professional societies, I have been a judge. One example will clarify this point.
    Argentine Academy of Engineering; Member of CAETS, International Council of Academies of Engineering and Technological Sciences;
    The Argentine Academy of Engineering, as some other academies in the world (like the Chinese Academy or the Italian Academy) are institutions composed by the most distinguished professionals in the country. The Argentine Academy has less than 40 full members, of different engineering specialties. Only three members have background in Industrial Engineering and Management. To be elected for that institution is the ultimate award a person can reach in the country.
    The Government, judges, universities and different organizations take the advice of the Academy as the ultimate word or decision.
    The Academy is called to produce recommendations and to judge in difficult matters: behavior of organizations or individuals, governmental regulations, legal conflicts, the role of universities, etc.
    The Academy issues some awards to distinguish professionals and its few members evaluate their credentials.
    Please, do not compare this academy to the US Academy because there are some differences, although both organizations are members of CAETS.
    I joined this institution in year 2000 and have been actively involved as a judge of others in my field of endeavor.
    There is a section of the bilingual website that is dedicated to prizes. Those prizes are awarded by the Academy and the evaluation of candidates and the final decision is made by committees of a few full members.
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