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Past seminars and activities.

These are examples. Activities after year 2006 are not included.

  • Year 2006
  • Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo.
    Activities were organized by a university (APEC, and a publisher (Editorial Norma) a part of Management Congress (Encuentro de Administradores).

    - March 30 and 31, 2006. Two conferences for the participants of the Congress and a workshop for Faculty members.

    - April 1st, 2006. Executive Workshop (Is it possible to have a Latin American Competitive Comapny in the Present Environment?)

    - Interviews with different media: TV channels 10 and 13, radio y newspapers (“Hoy”, “El Listín”, “Diario Libre”).
  • Argentina. Salta. May 15-21.

    - Executive Seminar. Small Business Competitiveness.


     Radio promotion


    - Executive Seminar. Performance Measurement and Reward Management.

    - Conference. Consejo Profesional de Ciencias Económicas (Professional Society of Accountants and Economists). Performance Scorecards.

    - Conference. Cámara de Comercio e Industria de Salta (Salta Chamber of Commerce). World-Class Small Business Enterprises.

    - Fourteen interviews with different media. Some of them were: TV channels (2, 4, 11; Cablevisión); radio (Continental, Nacional, UCS, FM Noticias, AM 840 Radio Salta); newspapers (El Tribuno); business magazines (Revista Emprender).
  • Colombia. August, 2006

    Executive Seminar: "More Competitive Companies". Medellín (9); Cali (11); Bogotá (14); Barraquilla (16).


  • Year 2005
  • Colombia. April 1-7, 2005.

        Universidad de Los Andes

    IIE Regional Conference for Central and South America, organized by the Los Andes University Chapter

    • Kenote Conference: "Change to Create Value".
    • Panel Member " Industrial Engineering: Present Practice".
    • Judge. Evaluation of Technical Papers presented by advanced students.
        Universidad Externado. Business Administration School. Research Division
    • Conference: " Small Business Competitiveness”
    • Panel Member " Small Business Strategy in a Globalize World"
    • Faculty Discussion and Lunch
        Universidad Sergio Arbolela. International Strategic Management Program
    • Seminar: "Competitiveness and Globalization".
        Universidad Distrital
    • Conference: " Biasca’s Model: Business Transformation Experienes in Latin America".
    • Conference: "How can a Latin Company be Competitive in the Present Environment".
        EPM Bogotá ( Competitiveness  
    • Conference: " Competitiveness Improvement: Practical Experiences”
    • Panel. General Discusion with Entrepreneurs and Managers.
        CTA, Centro de Ciencia y Tecnología de Antioquia (, Antioquia State Productivity and Science Center.  
    • Executive Seminar "Productivity and Competitiveness".
    • Workshop "Big Business – Small Business Cooperation ".
  • Year 2004
  • Mexico. February, 2004.

    México. Chihuahua.
    Febrero 26. Organization Excellence Congress. Centro Chihuahuense para la Calidad y Productividad. Keynote.

    México. Ciudad Juárez.
    Febrero 27. Organizacional Excellence Congreso. Quality Nacional Award. Keynote.

  • Colombia. March, 2004.

    o Medellín (3/ 9-10)

    • Seminars at:
    - EEPP (Empresas Públicas de Medellín). Business Transformation.
    - Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana. Competitiveness Improvement in Small Business.

    • Interviews with newspapers (El Tiempo, La República, El Colombiano, El Mundo), radios (Bolivariana, Caracol) and TV (Hora 13 Noticias, Teleantioquia, Telemedellín Noticias, Telemedellín AM, Teleantioquia de Boca en Boca).

    o Cali (3/11-13)

    • Keynote. Workshop for Small Business organizad by Estrategia & Desarrollo.

    • Debate organized by the Centro Colombiano de Estudios Profesionales de Cali, with the participation of the Education Vice Minister of Colombia, Dr. Javier Botero.

    • Seminar at the Centro Colombiano de Estudios Profesionales: " A New management System to obtain World Class Small Business".

    • Interviews with newspapers (El tiempo, Occidente, La República, Portafolio), radios (RCN y Caracol) and TV (Noticinco).

    o Bogotá (15-20/3)

    • Seminars at:
    - Universidad Nacional de Colombia. Escuela de Administración de Empresas y Contaduría Pública, Bogotá Campus. Small Business Competitiveness.
    - Universidad Distrital Francisco José de Caldas. Business Transformation in Latin America.
    - Incolda-CESA. From Performance Measurement to Business Intelligence.
    - Centro de Desarrollo Empresarial de Compensar. From Performance Measurement to Business Intelligence.

    • Conferences. Main subject: Competitiveness Improvement in Small Business.
    - Universidad Externado de Colombia
    - EAN (Escuela de Administración de Negocios)
    - Universidad Piloto de Colombia.
    - Bancoldex ( Colombia Foreign Trade Bank)

    • American Institute of Industrial Engineers. Region No. 16. First Convention organized by students chapters of two universities (Universidad de Los Andes and Universidad Distrital).
    Judge of research papers presented.
    Panel Member in the Debate " Membership in Industrial Engineering Organizations".

    • Interviews in the "La República" newspaper and at the "Gerente" business magazine.

  • Peru. March 22-26, 2004.

    o Lima University.

    • Workshop "Strategy and Process Redesign".

    • Conferences for :
    - Professors (Value Generation).
    - Students (Strategy Definition).
    - Small Business Circle (Competitiveness in Small Business).

    o TIPS y Sociedad Nacional de Industrias. Conference: Competitiveness.

    o Meeting with the Peruvian Chapter of the American Institute of Industrial Engineers.

    o Interviews with two business journals ( Revista Semana Económica y Revista MBA Internacional Business) anda t a TV channel.

  • Nicaragua, Managua. April 20-21, 2004.

    o IGL,Instituto de Gerencia y Liderazgo. One seminar and one work-shop. The Formula to Grow in a Competitive Environment.

    o Universidad Americana (UAM, American University ). Competitiveness Improvement in Small Buisiness.

  • Argentina , Salta . May 2004.

    o Executive Information and Strategic Management Seminars. Soluciones

    o GPU / ENDERSA. In-company workshop. Goal setting and Executive Information Systems.

  • Bolivia , La Paz . May 2004.

    o Universidad Católica Boliviana San Pablo. Business Transformation Seminars for Faculty and Graduate Students.

    o Cámara de Industrias de Bolivia. Executive Seminar on Competitiveness Improvement.

  • Peru. September 1-11, 2004.

    o Lima University. Workshops.
    - “Competitiveness Improvement”, for graduate students.
    - “Cost Reduction”, executive program.
    - “Reward Management”, executive program

    o Conferences.
    - International Forum. Strategic Trends and the New Organization.
    - Small Business in Latin America.
    - Performance Measurement. Update for Professors.

  • Colombia. Santa Marta. October, 2004.

    Sixth National Congress for Business Administration Students. Magdalena University.
    Conference: “A New Management System to Obtain World –Class Small Business Companies”

  • Mexico. Villahermosa, Tabasco. November, 2004.
    o Technological Institute of Villahermosa. Fourth International Engineering Congress.
    Keynote conference: “Biasca’s Model”.
    o American Institute of Industrial Engineers.
    Mexican chapters meeting with Institute’s authorities. R.Biasca explained experiences in Argentina and other Latin American countries.
  • Honduras. Tegucigalpa. December, 2004.

    o UNAH. Honduras National University. December 1.
    Conference to Faculty and students: “Business Transformation Experiences in Latin America”.
    o UNITEC. Centro American Technological University. December 2. Conference to faculty and Students: “Organizational Improving and Change in Latin America”.
    o Funhde. Foundation for the Development of Micro and Small Business in Honduras. December 3. Conference to entrepreneurs, executives and professionals: “How can we be Competitive?”

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