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Biasca & Associates
Buenos Aires, Argentina
1976 -2013


The 70’s and 80’s.
R. Biasca & Associates (registered as R.Biasca & Asociados in Argentina) is a small and prestigious Argentine consulting firm that built its reputation with its work in the Organizational Improvement and Change field. Rodolfo Biasca is one of the “Argentine management gurus”. His book “Productivity” gave him publicity in the 80´s and his books “Resizing” and “Change Management” were best-sellers in Latin America in the 90´s. An up-dated set of three new books were published in 2000-2001 and reprinted in 2004. A condensed e-book version was published in year 2005.
The firm is involved in business consulting since 1976 and management training since 1972. More than 120 companies in Argentina and other countries can give references.

The 90’s
Strategic alliances were formed. Since 1996 it belongs to the Valuation Research Group providing valuation consulting services in business transaction projects. The Solutions Operation practice was strengthened joining the MEI (Maintenance Excellence Institute) and the Canadian firm IGC Logistics Group Inc.
In the late 90’s, an aggressive expansion began in Latin America, with special emphasis on Executive Education. There is no single country in Continental Latin America in which the firm has not worked.

Years 2000 to 2013
In the Third Millennium important events took place and relevant strategic decisions were made:

  • R. Biasca joined the Argentine Academy of Engineering in year 2000 and joined the Pan-American Academy of Engineering in 2002. Both were significant professional recognitions.
  • R. Biasca updated and improved his business transformation books; a unique publication in the Spanish language. R.Biasca expands his activity as educator, teaching executive seminars and graduate courses all around Latin America. He had already taught in more than 60 universities and numerous educational institutions and companies.
  • Consulting services continued to expand. For example: the World Bank contracted R.Biasca to make a Reengineering Proposal for the water public company in Honduras (SANAA).
  • Cooperation agreements were reached with companies in China and India to facilitate international business. With affiliates in different countries in America, Europe, Asia and Australia a global network was formed.
  • Important local companies in Latin America continue to call for help in performance improvement or restructuring projects. Example: Coexito/Mac (Colombia, 2007). International projects that involve outsourcing and international marketing have increased. Example: Grupo Cartellone (Argentina, 2008-9).The International Valuations area is active. Examples: the Mexican companies Teksid (2007) and Mabe (2008). The application of the International Reporting Standards (IFRS) created a new need in existing clients that is being satisfied (Example: Grupo Posadas, 2011). There were also activities related to mergers and acquisitions.
  • At the end of year 2013, the firm ends its activitities. The Valuation area continues with autonomy as Valuation Research Group - Argentina ( and Rodolfo Biasca focus its energy to his academic activities (see
  • This website continues to exist , because it has some useful information.


Biasca & Associates has always been in a field that we can call by different names: “improvement”, “change”, “and business transformation”, “organizational effectiveness”. The general purpose is to move the client closer to the “best international practices”. Academics and consultants use these terms to label the effort companies do to adjust to new environments and obtain better results.

Services have been changing over the years, but the general strategic orientation has been the same.

Competitive advantages are: experience with international best practices, the knowledge of Latin American culture, international contacts and our 30 year history of delivering value to our clients.


  • To be an excellent management consulting company in America, in the practice of competitiveness improvement


  • To offer clients assistance in improving their business results


  • International orientation
  • Work ethics
  • Intensive dedication to the client
  • Up-dated knowledge
  • Creative and practical solutions
  • Commitment to change


Services involve consulting projects, counseling, temporary project leadership, international business and management training activities.

Subjects can be classified in different groups:

  • International Business
    Contacts and information to facilitate international business (Alliances, trade, outsourcing, financing, etc.) Most common requirements are:
    • Market research and assessment.
    • Business contacts between organizations in the US, China, India, Europe, Latin America and Australia.
    • Export-import Analysis. Trading partners search.
    • Outsourcing.
    • Mergers and Acquisitions.
    • Strategic Alliance
  • Performance Improvement and Change
    In the private and public sectors:
    • Corporate Restructurings/ Resizing
    • Turnaround Strategy and Business Architecture
    • Execution and Change Management
    • Growth Management
    • Performance Management/Balanced Scorecards. Reward Management.
    • Operational Excellence. Lean Operations. Business Processes Streamlining.
    • Small Business Administration.
  • Valuation
    • Business Valuations
    • International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
    • Appraisal of tangible and intangible assets
    • Mergers & Acquisitions. Corporate Financing.
  • Executive Education
    • Custom-made programs for private and public companies
    • Executive seminars for graduate programs in universities or other educational institutions.
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