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Custom Programs
On-Site Training Services

Programs are tailored to the specific business challenges and management development objectives of the client organization. The on-site approach offers cost effectiveness, convenience and flexibility in group training, timing and location. This ensures proper implementation through consistency in quality, design, delivery, program evaluation, and follow-up.

We offer ,in English and Spanish, specific training programs covering subjects like:

  Business Transformation.

  Some Seminars are:
- Business Transformation Experiences in Latin America.
- Radical Corporate Restructurings and Turnaround in non-competitive companies.
- Strategy and Business Architecture.
- Sharp Cost Reductions.
- Strategic Management, Results Oriented.
- The Integration Process after an M&A.

  Solutions Operations.
- Performance Management. Balanced Scorecards.
- Reward Management.
- "Lean Operations"
- Maintenance Management.

  Small Business Management
- Strategy Formulation.
- Objectives, goals and performance indicators.
- Marketing and Sales Efficiency.
- Productivity Improvement.

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