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Evidence of R. Biasca’s original scientific, scholarly, or business-related contributions of major significance in his field of specialization.

I have made contributions of major significance in my field of expertise.

 In this web site chapter, I will:

  • Explain the most well-known contribution: “Biasca’s Model”.
  • Describe that original contributions were implemented in major organizations.
  • Present the list of companies in which I have worked.
  • Include testimonies of the work done.



Different studies have demonstrated that change efforts results are less than satisfactory. Therefore, a comprehensive, interdisciplinary and practical three-phase model is proposed (known in Latin America as the “Biasca’s Model). The purpose is to determine the precise transformation that can improve results substantially.

The three phases are:

Competitive Assessment.

  • After analyzing the environment and the firm, the competitive deterioration is estimated to determine how much change is needed and how much time is available to make the change.


  • After an exhaustive study of change approaches, research on the subject and managerial experience a general business transformation “formula” is derived. For each competitive situation the formula is different (and usually different names are used to mention it). The formula is a set of innovation projects with different priorities and impact.


  • To transform ideas in concrete results at least four aspects need to be considered: the necessary implementation steps, how to modify human and firm behavior, the competitive position, and the country where the organization is located.
    Most foreign managers assume that what is true for Americans working in the United States is also true for people from other countries. Sometimes it is not. Cross- cultural management applied to change management concepts is a new field relative to the traditional study of management. R.Biasca’s books make emphasis in this point.

Internet Searches

The business transformation model explained in my books is known as “Biasca’s Model” (El Modelo Biasca).

  • A search with these words in Google brought 511 references (March, 2006).
  • A search in Yahoo indicated 261 references (March, 2006)
  • The Hotbot search engine ( indicated 1,110 references (March, 2006).

Peers judgment. Foreign journals.

The following selected examples will give an idea of my contributions, judged by peers in relevant magazines in different countries.

The first one is a thorough analysis of the book “Are we Competitive?” made by a professor of the Distrital University of Bogotá, Colombia, in a magazine published in year 2003 by the university. This university belongs to the city of Bogotá and its professors are known by its independence, impartiality and knowledge. Three and a half pages are dedicated to analyze the relevance of the book.

The second example, is from “Revista de Empresa” (that could be translated as the Magazine for Companies), published by the Instituto de Empresa (Enterprise Institute) in Spain . In the rankings and listings of the better business schools in the world there are only a few European universities, this is one of them. A two page analysis by a professor of the Institute (and KPMG manager) describes the contributions of the book “Are we competitive?” That comment can be downloaded from, and it is in a list of the most read articles of this magazine.







Are we Competitive?

A thorough analysis of the book “Are we Competitive?” made by a professor of the Distrital University of Bogotá, Colombia, in a magazine published in year 2003 by the university .

Three and half pages.


No 112





Are we Competitive?

A two page analysis by a professor of the prestigious Institute of Enterprises (and KPMG manager) describes the contributions of the book “Are we competitive?”

Revista de Empresa,

Instituto de Empresa

July /



Peers judgment. Examples from web sites.

In these exhibits the idea is to present a few, but different, examples.

The first one is a site dedicated to Change Management.

Authors and consulting firms in that field of expertise are mentioned.

R.Biasca as individual and Biasca & Associates as firm are mentioned.

The second one is a Korean site that mentions the book Resizing, written by R. Biasca.

The third one is the site that has the papers presented in the Iberoamerican Academy of Management. Papers to be presented by speakers are judged previously by experts and academicians. The material presented by R.Biasca in 2001 is mentioned.

The fourth example is an article that appeared in Argentine business magazine.

Web Site




Change Management

Learning Center

Yellow pages.

This is a site dedicated to Change Mnagement, one of the fields of specialization of R.Biasca. It has tutorials, articles, links, etc. In the “Yellow Pages”section Rodolfo Biasca is in the Publications Section and “R.Biasca & Associates Latin America”is in the Training and Consulting section, with the corresponding links.


Globo Clicks

This a Korean site with references to publications in the whole world. See the reference to Biasca’s book Resizing, in English.





Iberoaamerican Academy of Management. Second International Conference. ITAM, 12/10-12/2001

This site has information about the papers presented and activities that took place in the Second International Conference of the Iberoamerican Academy of Management. Papers are screened by experts in the field. Biasca presented the Formula to Grow in a competitive Environment.



Institute for Management Development in Argentina

The website has the main articles of an issue of its monthly journal that was dedicated to Change Management. Two experts were chosen and R.Biasca was one of them. The article analyzes the subject and the written opinions.



I have served as manager and consultant in 120 organizations and implemented in them major contributions. Some of those contributions are well documented in books and papers.

Some success stories are available upon request.


See the list in the Client List section,

Please note that I have worked as a manager and consultant in 120 organizations. In the list positions in universities or professional societies are not included. Observe that in the list are well-known international companies and middle-sized local companies in various industries.


The following eleven letters written in English are available upon request.

  • Testimonies from companies.
      • World Bank
      • MEI / Tompkins Associates Inc. Letter from Ralph Peters.
      • Valuation Research Corp., USA . Letter from Robert Simpson.
      • Bolland. Former President N. Priu. Turnaround testimony.
      • Gillette. Anthony Venuti’s letter.
      • Corlyx Corp. Letter from Ray Frank, President.
      • Letter from the President of the Rotary Club, Bilbao , Spain
  • Testimonies from universities.
      • UB.
      • UADE
      • ITBA
      • UP

Six letters are from people living in the US . All of them have telephone numbers for the case that explanations or additional information is necessary.

It is important to note that the prizes, membership to certain associations and the published materials are also evidence of contributions.

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